Are you a Health or Fitness entrepreneur who wants to take yourself to the next level? Do you have a specific Business challenge that you can't seem to breakthrough? Do you seek to be the best professional to serve your customers? This might be the right place to get a Jumpstart.

If you are a Health Or Fitness entrepreneur who:

  • Is successful but is unsure of your next step to grow your business

  • Needs 1-on-1 guidance that’s specifically geared towards your situation

  • Is no longer OK with feeling burned out or frustrated

Then I invite you to join me in a Power Hour to Breakthrough A Business Challenge.

What's Included?

  • One 60 minutes of 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Dana

  • Uncovering one directed problem to solve

  • Identify essential next step to achieve your goal

What Do You Get?

  • One Page Wrap-Up Report

  • One week of unlimited email support

  • A 20-minute check-in call scheduled one week after your first call

Bonus: you can apply the entire amount of your Power Hour towards future services (think of it like making a deposit!)

This is perfect for you if:

  • You’re tired of going around in circles and don’t know what to do next to reach your business potential and set yourself apart in your Industry

  • You’re overthinking everything and need some support to breakthrough your thoughts

  • You feel like you’ve wasted so much time and have had enough of not taking the right action step

  • You want to learn what it’s going to take to get YOU to the next level

  • You’re interested in working with Dana and want to experience coaching before fully committing to a VIP Intensive


What People Are Saying About This

I really appreciate you as a person and professional. Thank you for helping me with the direction of Essential Fitness NYC. In just one hour, you were pivotal in clarifying and interpreting any partnership opportunities/issues. Having a plan of action was necessary and you came through strong and specific. In terms of value of time I would say it was “priceless”. The professional insight and integrity you brought to the table was very important in a vulnerable situation which required trust and care. Our main takeaway was trust the process and don’t be afraid to do the tough tasks. Thanks again Dana for your professional care and insight.
— Scott Hanson Founder, Essential Fitness NYC
Working with Dana is like a breath of fresh air. When we met, I was working in a business that wasn’t doing so well on both a management level and a morale level. She was brought in as a business coach (or as I like to think “Mrs Fix It!”. Her nurturing yet no nonsense persona was really helpful in helping my team get back on its feet and become successful. For me, she was able to identify specific strengths and weaknesses to help me become to the best version of myself. Dana will always be honest with you and help make you aware of things you may be uncomfortable knowing about yourself but will empower you to reach those dreams you didn’t think were possible.
— LJ Cunningham, CrossFit Coach