Dana is the utmost fitness professional and business & life coach. Anyone who is lucky enough to get to work with her will see huge change in their lives.
— Lacey Stone Celebrity Trainer & Owner, Lacey Stone Fitness
I’ve known Dana for almost 11 years now. She was my first manager in NYC and believed in me when I needed it most and guided me with my career. I consider our relationship and time together one of the stepping stones that led me to where I am today. Above all, I have a high respect for her professionalism and commitment to excellence. Anyone who works with DZ is in great hands.
— David Osorio Owner, CrossFit South Brooklyn
My time with Dana was some of the most valuable time I have spent with an individual while preparing myself to own and run my own gym. She instilled the confidence and knowledge in me that I needed to be the best business person I could be, while still keeping my relationship with people at the forefront. I definitely would turn to the go-to saying that I was a sponge and Dana was supplying plenty of water for knowledge. In fact, I would say Dana is a lake. No day is wasted when working with her. Since working with Dana I have gone from a gym sales head, gym manager, head coach, and now owner of my own 16,000+ square foot facility. If you are considering anyone to help guide you in your next venture in life, I would 100% in confidence tell you to turn to Dana.
— Joe Rosko Owner & Head Coach, The Train Station
There is no limit to the wonderful things I can say about Dana and her coaching. Dana is the best. Period. She cares deeply about who she works with and their results in all areas of life — business, life and on the platform.
— Keith Wittenstein CrossFit Level 3 Coach, HQ Staff, Guerilla Fitness
I began working with Dana roughly mid-way through my first year taking on the role as Head Coach of a CrossFit gym, having left my career in public health research & policy behind to dive headlong into my passions as a fitness professional. Her wealth of experience regarding how to understand and meet fitness client needs, as well as in creating streamlined processes to systematize operational processes of a growing fitness facility, were an invaluable asset to building our community of gym members as well as our staff in order to meet burgeoning needs. But perhaps most vital and remarkable was her ability to fearlessly develop a truly self-reflective, transparent staff culture–one that allowed us to better understand our own true career goals, our personal motivations, and ultimately helped us craft our own trajectories of professional development. She is in many ways a coach’s coach: she has a gift for facilitating meaningful discussion, substantive self-reinvention, and inspiring excellence, and I look forward to both supporting and being supported by her as I continue to forge my path as a leader of athletes, coaches, and staff..
— J. Gabriel Tungol Head Coach, CrossFit Queens
Dana has always been inspirational for me. Her guidance, organization, passion and dedication have helped mold my career and allow me to grow to where I am today.
— Antoni Luke-Akagi Chief Operating Officer, Peak Perform
A consummate professional with a pedigree in the Fitness Industry. Dana has worked at the highest level as a business coach to impact as many professionals as possible.
— Gavin Van Vlack Owner & Head Coach, Physical Culture Collective
I’ve known Dana since 2005 – She is a fair but firm business coach!:) I am originally from Wilmington, DE. When I first moved to NY, Dana was one of the few people who believed in my potential and helped me succeed as a coach! Our respect for each other has developed over the years as recognized leaders in NY’s Fitness Industry! Dana Zilber is results-driven and you will achieve much by working with her!
— James Rizzo Fitness Model and Coach
Dana has been an amazing, inspirational and motivational leader in my life. Her impact on me and others cannot be measured. She has guided me to only think yes, and have powerful/inspiring conversation with myself and others. Her coaching supports me to stand above the Industry. Her work highlights that average will produce average results. Her commitment to excellence is what every professional needs! She pays it forward, and is the bar in this Industry.
— Naqam Washington Creator of Arazi Fitness Gloves
Dana is truly a great professional, but she brings life and passion to her work that very few others can. She makes you feel like what she is doing is the best way for the people she is working with because she believes in it and herself wholeheartedly. When I see what Dana has and is accomplishing, I really do believe it is possible to not work a day in your life if you are doing what you love. She breathes and coaches Freedom and Happiness.
— Chelsea Lund Owner & Head Coach, CrossFit Begin
Dana is a strong both physically and mentally, business savvy woman who has impacted my life in the Fitness Industry. She is an elite fitness, business and life coach who inspires and motivates you to want more and be more. Working with her was life changing.
— Marsha Watson Fat & Weight Loss Specialist
Dana’s fast thinking and problem solving has allowed me to make life changing career decisions in the Fitness Industry that has taken me to the next level. Dana is able to cut through the grey matter and streamline options and outcomes in ways that show clarity. Dana is compassionate and understands where I am and where and what I want to be. Dana is definitely my go to person for personal and professional strategies to achieve what I want for me. She is a believer in do it now; she listens and immediately is able to give clear options and action plans and will hold you accountable to act by giving you support and encouragement. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious in her commitment to you.
— Julie Semple Personal Trainer & Personal Chef
Dana helped me take my first steps in the Fitness Industry. I wasn’t sure how to succeed but I knew I wanted to. Dana, with her amazing skills taught me a system that allowed me to have the tools I needed to be successful. I have learned a lot from her, opened up my own performance center, was a ranked and acclaimed competitive powerlifter and strongman and now pursuing my bodybuilding passion, all due to her guidance and support.
— Yaniv Meirovitch Competitive Bodybuilder & Fitness Coach
Working with Dana is like a breath of fresh air. When we met, I was working in a business that wasn’t doing so well on both a management level and a morale level. She was brought in as a business coach (or as I like to think “Mrs Fix It!”). Her nurturing yet no nonsense persona was really helpful in helping my team get back on its feet and become successful. For me, she was able to identify specific strengths and weaknesses to help me become to the best version of myself. Dana will always be honest with you and help make you aware of things you may be uncomfortable knowing about yourself but will empower you to reach those dreams you didn’t think were possible.
— LJ Cunningham CrossFit Coach
Dana Zilber is a fantastic coach in every sense of the word. I told her what my aspirations were, and not only did she listen and tailor our work towards those goals, she actively checks in with me and supports me along the way. She is incredibly inspiring as someone who embodies fitness, ambition, success and strength while being very grounded and approachable. There is something soothing about her presence…somehow I feel nurtured but not coddled. I have nothing but respect and admiration for her. I value her insights and feedback. My outlook and my perspective that has taken the biggest shift. For that I cannot express enough gratitude, I just continue to be her eager and willing student! She continues to show up for me every time.
— Melinda Abbott Yoga Instructor, Adjunct Professor, PhD Candidate